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Get instant access to the Strategic Story Playbook, a game-changing tool designed specifically for professional service providers, business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and authors. This powerful tool will help you create, organize, and deploy impactful stories on your chosen platforms, effortlessly engaging your audience and driving results. 

The Strategic Story Playbook helps you easily and quickly develop a comprehensive and organized structure to ensure you're always ready to captivate your audience with the perfect story...
  • Customizable story categories to identify the most effective story type for your target audience
  • ​Funnel stage guidance to ensure your stories align with your audience's level of awareness
  • Target emotion selection to tap into the powerful hormonal triggers that drive audience engagement
  • Organize key story elements outlining the setting, characters, conflict, dilemma, resolution, and moral for a well-structured narrative
  • Trigger keywords for quick and easy searchability as your playbook grows
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